Who's the founder of YU-TAEKWONDO?

Dr. Andreas Held is a renowned entrepreneur, visionary and Grandmaster in Taekwondo. Over 20 years ago, he founded YU-Taekwondo in Austria, meanwhile the largest martial arts system in Europe. Since 2023, he has been a franchise provider, opening new YU schools in Austria and Germany. His vision drives expansion, with new locations in Dubai and a resort in Kenya since 2022. Explore his passion for martial arts and excellence at YU-Taekwondo.

YU-TAEKWONDO for the whole family

It seems like you’re expressing the fascination of mastering your body and mind, experiencing pure life energy and joy in movement, expanding your limits, and strengthening your health in the long run. Additionally, there’s a suggestion to train with your children.

What is traditional TAEKWONDO & its benefits

Taekwondo teaches meaningful development of mental and physical strength, promoting their effective use and achieving harmony between body and mind. In today’s world, external pressures like stress, time constraints, and environmental factors can strain our bodies. Concerns and stress can weaken resistance and self-healing abilities. Maintaining a good balance between body and mind helps counteract these effects. This involves healthy movement, breathing techniques, proper nutrition, and most importantly, a positive outlook on oneself and life. These principles are integral components of the YU-Taekwondo teaching system.