Taekwondo Grandmaster

Dr. Andreas Held, also known as Dr. YU, embodies the essence of Taekwondo not just through his achievements but through his dedication to spreading its practice and philosophy. As a Taekwondo grandmaster, he has not only established himself as a formidable martial artist but also as an influential figure in the global Taekwondo community. Since the inception of his first Taekwondo school in Vienna Neubau in 2003, Dr. Held has been instrumental in promoting the art and its values. His system, “YOUNG-UNG Taekwondo,” reflects his deep connection to the discipline, as he named it after his own family name, “Held.” This personal touch underscores his commitment to preserving the essence of Taekwondo while innovating within its framework. The remarkable growth of the YOUNG-UNG Taekwondo system, with over 27 locations today and a significant presence in Vienna, is a testament to Dr. Held’s vision and leadership. Through his teachings, thousands of students have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art, learning not just its physical techniques but also its philosophical underpinnings.


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